Do you want to rent a bike in Amsterdam? MacBike is the right company for you! We have been renting out bicycles for 30 years now. We are well experienced and reliable. Also we have lots of different bikes: solid city bikes, tandems, children’s bikes, cargo bikes, e-bikes, touring bikes and other special models.
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Why should you rent a bike in Amsterdam?

Rent a bike to feel free and independent

The best way to see the city is to rent a bike. We like to say: ‘See Better By Bike’, because that is what we believe! You can go wherever you like, stop wherever you want, and take a stroll on the bike to see more than just the highlights

Cycling is timeless

You can hop on the bike whenever it suits you! Go to the museum in the city center, make a tour through the park in the South side of the city, and visit that special restaurant in the North of Amsterdam. Or wait…. Let’s do it the other way around… No problem: your rental bike will take you everywhere, on the time that is convenient for you!
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Cycling is sustainable

If you rent a bike you choose for a sustainable way of transport. It doesn’t take any fuel other than your own energy to cycle from one hotspot to another, or to make a tour through the countryside. Moreover, by biking you don’t contribute to any pollution like CO2-emissions. On top of that cycling is cheap, fast, healthy and relaxed. So, what are you waiting for?
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Cycling like a local

Amsterdam is known as the city of bikes. To rent a bike is to experience the local life style. Did you know there are more than 800.000 bicycles in the capital? No doubt it’s a lot! About 63% of the locals uses their bike on a regular base: the bike to work, school, etc. You can discover the city by yourself and feel like a local:
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Comfortable cycling

To make you feel comfortable in between the daily biking routing of the citizens of Amsterdam, we developed the best city rental bike, together with the Dutch bicycle manufacturer Batavus. Our sturdy city bike comes in two varieties:
• the city bike with handbrakes and 3 gears: the favorite choice of most of our customers
• the city bike with footbrakes (no gears): for the ones who are used to cycling in a city

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Why should you rent a bike at MacBike?

Well, the answer is clear:

  • you can enjoy a ride on the perfect city bike and much more,
  • you can always drop in: we have plenty of bikes in stock,
  • you will find us just a few steps away: we have 5 shops in the city center,
  • you can find a bike for all your friends & family members, children’s bikes as well
  • you can make a choice out of lots of unique cycling routes made by MacBike
  • you can choose for guided tour that starts at our shop: twice a day in high season
  • you will get a free map of the city at our shop
  • you will be covered when it rains: ask for a rain poncho in the shop

You will probably have read enough to make your choice now ㋡

Rent a bike and be safe

Safety first!

It’s fun to rent a bike for everyone, no matter what age, length or nationality you have. But it is important that you follow the traffic rules. The bicycle lanes in Amsterdam are getting busier. So all road users must take each other into account and behave courteously.
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An insurance covers all damages

Are you uncertain about renting a bicycle because of theft or damages? We can put your mind at ease on this point! All our bikes come with two strong locks. When you come to our shop to rent a bike, our co-workers will explain you how to use the locks. And if you want to exclude all risks, we advise you to take an insurance. Any damage is always covered by our insurance policy.
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Park your bike well

Be sure you park your bike in one of the bike stands or special parking places!
The local authorities are very strict in law enforcement on bicycle parking. If your rental bike is not parked as it should be, it might be taken away no matter if the bike is locked. Luckily there is always a place to park your bike properly. Our co-workers can give you information about parking spots.
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Join one of our guided tours

An easy way to see a lot of the city in a short time is to join a guided tour. On a regular base we have guided tours, in English and in Spanish. During the high season the tours start daily. You can choose between a city tour or a country side tour. You can rent a bike before the tour starts and join in, you can rent the bike just for the tour period, or you can keep your rental bike after the tour has ended and expand your cycle experience in the city. It’s all possible.
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Private bike tours

Are you interested to rent a bike for a group and maybe go on tour with a guide? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Mail us at: info@macbike
Or check some ready-made guided tour ideas >>

Rent a bike and explore the city with one of our maps

If you rent a bike, we always provide you with a free city map. But we also developed many special MacBike cycle maps with unique routes. We have more than 10 different self guiding maps. They take you to exceptional neighborhoods in Amsterdam, or to remarkable landscapes outside the city. All of the MacBike maps are provided with a clear text, route and city map, so you always know where to go. We have maps with focus on architecture and on characteristic areas in Amsterdam, maps with focus on history or on nature. And even a special maps with focus on cycling with kids. Come to ons of our stores to choose your favorite map.
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Rent a bike and go where the locals go

Besides visiting some highlights and special areas, you might want to meet local people or enjoy local events and activities. We try to give you travel tips on a regular base on our website and social media. So take a look at our special page ‘Cycle tips for unique experiences in Amsterdam’ and follow us on our social accounts: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

And of course: share your bicycle adventures!
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How to rent a bike?

It’s easy to rent a bike online

You can easily rent a bike when you’re not even in Holland yet: just make a reservation online! It gives you certainty that you that you can rent a bike at the moment that you want, and from the spot that you choose.
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For special bikes, like tandems, cargo’s or a kids bike you can send us a mail and we will check what is possible for you. Mail us >>

Note: when you come to the shop to pick up your bicycle, you will have to fill in a contract, although you already made your reservation. The reservation is just to be sure there is a bike available. The contract is the form by which we confirm the rental agreement. Also we work with a deposit.

Check our rental conditions and information about the deposit >>

Soon: More service for renting a bike online!

We are working on a system by which you can rent a bike in advance and pay directly. This will give you as a customer more options: either you make a reservation and pay at the shop at the end of the rental period, or you make a paid booking.
More info will follow!

Rent a bike directly at our store

You can also visit one of our stores to rent a bike. It’s easy! MacBike has 5 rental locations in the city center of Amsterdam. All our shops are close to well-known hotspots, like the Vondelpark, the Museum District, or the Central Station.

How it works:

  • Visit one of our stores ▶
  • Ask what you want to know about prices, tours and other stuff ▶
  • Fill in a contract ▶
  • Get your bike & learn more about locking the bikes and parking rules ▶
  • Hop on the bike & enjoy! ▶

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Special bikes: kids bikes, tandems, etc.

If you want to cycle together with your children, we advise you to visit our shops MacBike Oosterdok of MacBike Vondelpark. In this shop we have plenty of child bicycles, but also special cargo bikes in which you can carry your kids. And we have the very special parent-child tandem as well: your child sits in the front of you and pedals along, but you are the one in charge of the steering wheel of the bicycle. It’s a very safe and active way of cycling with your child. For the little ones we advise to take a bicycle with a child seat.
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Service for special occasions

Do you want to rent a bike for a vacation?
A cycling holiday through the Netherlands is highly recommended. Holland is a flat country, so it’s perfect for a bicycle tour. You can rent a long distance touring bicycle for a longer period of time, from 4 days on. The bikes has 21 gears and comes with two panniers, so you’ll have plenty of space for your luggage.
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Bike rental for groups and organizations?

For larger groups we provide specials services like a payment by invoice and a deposit agreement. Also we have a transport service deliver bikes. Ask for the conditions and possibilities at


Your visit to Amsterdam is only complete if you rent a bike at MacBike. The famous red bikes are a part of our city. MacBike was one of the first rental stores in Amsterdam and is certainly the most famous. We celebrate our 30th anniversary this year and we are proud of this. All these years we welcomed people from all over the world. And we are looking forward to welcome you!
Read more about our 30th anniversary.

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