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How to lock your bike


Turn and hold the key.


Pull the lever down.


Release the key and take it out.


Lock the wheel and the frame to a bike rack. Do not lock it to a private fence or a bridge. The municipality will remove it!

Use a bicycle rack to park your bike

Park your bike in a bicycle rack, otherwise it will be removed by the local authorities and you will have to pay the fine of €50.

No bicycle parking signs:

a close up of a sign
a close up of a sign

Safe cycling

10 rules to be safe

  1. Stay on the right path.
  2. Keep the cycle-free areas in mind.
  3. Don’t imitate the locals.
  4. Avoid being an obstruction for other traffic.
  5. Give right of way to taxis, trams and buses.
  6. Keep you mobile phone in your pocket.
  7. Cross the tram rails at a steep angle.
  8. Only park your bike where it is allowed.
  9. Always lock your bike.
  10. Use your light, bell and luggage rack in the right way.

Want to have more info about safe cycling in Amsterdam? Watch the movie and check our tips: Safe Cycling in Amsterdam

Safe cycling = happy cycling!