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Public Bike

Public Bike Partner

Partner program for entrepreneurs. MacBike offers entrepreneurs in Amsterdam the opportunity to contribute to making the city a cleaner and more pleasant place, using the typical Dutch bicycle. With our Public Bike partner program, hotels and companies can make  MacBike bicycles available to their guests and staff to explore Amsterdam or move around quickly and conveniently.


Do you want to rent out bikes to hotel guests without investing in new bicycles and their maintenance? MacBike offers a solution: Public Bike. With Public Bike you can rent out bikes yourself. This provides an extra service to your guests, and it also creates extra income.

How it works
MacBike delivers MacBike-quality bicycles with handbrakes, gears and two good locks at the hotel. Guests can rent these bikes from the hotel. The administration of bike rental is fully computerised. This means that the stafmember at the hotel’s reception desk quickly and conveniently sets up a rental contract online. MacBike takes care of all maintenance and repairs: our bicycle mechanic regularly visits with our new, electric van.  A large part of the profits from bicycle rental goes to the hotel.

The advantages for hotel guests
Hotel guests experience the convenience of having a bicycle ready for use at their hotel. They don’t need to collect and return the bike at our shops, and they are not restricted by our opening hours. Hotel guests receive a free MacBike city plan which they can use to independently explore the city by bicycle, or they can do one of our ten great cycle routes in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. They can also join one of the guided tours with a €5,- discount.


Do your staff need to move around the city quickly? Then the bicycle is the ideal means of transportation. Do you not want to invest in the purchase of bikes and pay for their maintenance? Then MacBike has a great solution: Public Bike. It is ideal for businesses and museums with staff who have to be at different locations in the city and want good, fast and reliable transportation.

How it works
MacBike delivers MacBike-quality bicycles with handbrakes, gears and two good locks to the company or museum. Staff may use those bikes. MacBike takes care of all maintenance and repairs: our bicycle mechanic visits regularly with our new, electric van. MacBike takes out suitable insurance against theft of the bikes.

Advantages for staff
Staff can move around in the city quickly and conveniently, and they have a good service contract so they won’t need to worry about maintenance.

Why us?


Give your guests the comfort of the hotel bikes. We make it easy for the receptionist by our fully automated, online system.

Shared Turnover

You would charge the same rental rates as MacBike, yet retain a part of the total revenue.

Easy Booking

Built for your comfort; Book a within twenty seconds, and cancel or edit forms easily!

Bikes within 1 week

When you decide to use our service we can provide you with the bikes within one week.

Quick Repairs

Get impressed by our mechanics. Repairs are done within five hours and the bikes get a monthly check.

Free maps

We provide free maps of Amsterdam for your guests.

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