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Yes! You can book a bike online! This option for booking and paying in advance is specially for individual customers. It can be used to book our famous red city bikes, with footbrake or bikes with handbrakes and 3 gears.
Are you part of a business group, a school or another company, please choose the option to make a reservation. Reservations can be paid at the end of the rental period by invoice. Also we can make a deposit agreement, so you can arrange the deposit for the group all at once.

Please note that if you wish to rent a hybrid touring bicycle, reservation is necessary because we need to select the bikes according to you heights. 

The rate to rent a bike depends on the duration of the rental period and of the type of bicycle you choose. Please check out the rates of our rental bikes on our page bikes and prices, on which you will find an overview of all models.

We are open daily from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Our locations are closed on King’s Day (April 27th), at Christmas and at New Year’s Day. All the other days of the year you are very welcome in our rental shops!

As a deposit you are required to either bring one credit card with proof of identity (for up to five bikes), or leave one passport with € 50.00 per bicycle (for up to five bikes.  We do not accept VISA Electron, debit cards, and foreign driver’s licenses. Check our page rental conditions for all info.

Yes, we can provide you with our free detailed maps, showing you the bike lanes. If you plan to cover more grounds, we also provide maps with special themes, such as the Countryside or Architecture. You can find more information about these maps on our page selfguiding maps, they are also available at all our MacBike shops.

You need to return the bikes to the shop where you rented it from, so we can return the deposit to you. There is an option however to return the bike(s) to another MacBike rental shop: this is when you pay an aditional amount of 10 euro’s and leave your deposit by credit card. Please ask our co-worker for the options when you are in the shop, and check our rental conditions.

Our partners do. Tourists who want to cycle with a guide can join a daily bike ride through Amsterdam and beyond. The guides show the most spectacular and breath-taking sights, and give historical and recent information about Amsterdam and more. We have several different tours available. Check all the information about guided tours.

Yes we do; groups of 10 people or more get a 10% reduction, provided they make one collective payment.

See our page with terms and conditions. If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us:

Just keep cycling! You pay your rent on return, so you can keep the bike until you are done with it, unless you decide to extend for longer than a week. In that case we’d like you to stop by the shop where you rented the bikes or give us a call, to let us know.
Do you already know what period you would like to rent your bike? Than you can also book your bike in advance.


Yes, we do offer the option to ride with two people on one bike. However, this is only possible on our Tandems. We don’t allow two people on our normal bikes because it is very likely you will demolish it when you use it with 2 persons. We do allow children with a maximum weight of 25kg on a bike, when seated in a child’s seat.

Yes, we do have tandems available at all our shops. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book our special bicycles (bicycles with child’s seat, tandem, cargo bike, or children’s bike), because we cannot guarantee the availability as it could be rented out. When a special bike is available, however, we can hold it for up to a maximum of one hour. To find out if your preferred bike is available at any of our shops, call the number below during opening hours;

  • Waterlooplein: 0031 (0)  20 4287 005
  • Leidseplein: 0031 (0) 20 5287 688
  • Oosterdok:  0031 (0) 20 8115110
  • Overtoom: 0031 (0) 20 6833369

If this kind of bike is available, they can hold it for you.

For your convenience and safety we provide bicycles with a low-entry or unisex frame. The bikes do not discriminate who is holding the handlebars and the rigidity of these frames can’t be beaten by a regular men’s frame with a crossbar. We do provide some XL men’s frame bikes. Also our hybrid bikes are available in men’s frames.

We let out our E-bikes that make for light peddling. The batteries of our electric bikes last for about 50 km.

Of course we do. We have children’s bikes for children aged 5 to 7, and 7 to 11. Younger children can use a child’s seat and older children are usually big enough for a town bicycle.


YES! Dutch traffic laws also apply to you when you are riding a rental bike. Stick to the rules and forget your interpretation of a “typical Amsterdam” riding style. Check the Safe Cycling page for safety suggestions.

Yes, all of our bikes have lights, front and rear. Before you take off, check if you do understand how to operate them.

You can park in the designated bike parking areas, or bike racks, that are everywhere in town. Just don’t park outside of those designated parking areas or you will risk getting your bike ‘towed’ by the council. If in doubt, make use of the bike shed (“Fietsenstalling”) at approximately € 1,30 per day.

Yes. Even though the locals don’t wear helmets, we realize that you might want to. Just let one of our employees know and they will provide you with a helmet.

When you are an experienced cyclist, it is not dangerous to ride with a child. Always take your time and obey the rules. Never leave a child unattended in a seat on the bike.

Dutch law does not allow cyclists to to use cell phones when participating in traffic. It is very important that you remain vigilant in traffic. Please check out our safe cycling page for more information

Use of the locks will be demonstrated at the shops when you rent your bike.  To get a preview, check out our  safe cycling video.

Each bicycle is equipped with two locks. Never leave the bicycle unattended, unless properly
locked. MacBike staff will demonstrate proper use of the locks.

Whether you can bring your luggage on the bike depends on the size of your luggage. All our bikes have carriers provided with straps so you can take (some) luggage with you on the bike.

Damages and Theft

We don’t charge you for any damages to the bicycle unless we find that you have been overly careless with it, or caused it to crash. However, should you run into trouble, you can get help from any of our shops, or call the number on the copy of your rental contract.

When you lock your bike properly it is very unlikely it will get stolen. However, when your rental bike gets stolen, you are liable for the damage. In case you have insurance you have an own risk of € 50.00 otherwise you are obliged to pay the full value of the bike (€450.00).

Not by default; when you rent a bicycle you are liable for theft. The risk of theft is small if you use the locks the way we will instruct you to, but if the bike gets stolen you have to pay € 450.00 for the bike. However, we do offer you the opportunity to take a theft insurance.  If you have a theft insurance and the bike gets stolen you have a liability of € 50.00.

Our bikes are well-maintained and equipped with anti-puncture tires, so they won’t likely break down. However, should you run into trouble, you can get help from any of our shops, or call the number on the copy of your rental contract for assistance.

If your bike gets stolen, you need to come to the shop where you rented it from and our staff will help you sort everything out; like  the police from and the payment. Provided you can show us the keys (which shows that you locked it), your payment is only € 50,00 as opposed to € 450.00 if you cannot produce the keys. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff about the optional insurance when you rent the bike.

Each bicycle is equipped with two locks. Never leave the bicycle unattended, unless properly
locked. MacBike staff will demonstrate proper use of the locks.

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