Will you come work with us at MacBike?

The ideal side job/holiday job for this summer:
MacBike is immediately looking for seasonal employees to help out in the bike rental business. You will be in the store helping our customers on their bikes, arranging a rental contract, giving route and safety advice, adjusting the bikes to the correct height, doing minor repairs (changing a light bulb, pumping up tires, etc) and ancillary things to keep the store in order. You will be scheduled or called in on busy days and often work weekends.

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As a rental associate, you are:

  • customer-friendly: you enjoy dealing with people and you enjoy making our customers feel comfortable,
  • stress-busting: you keep your cool when there is a store full of customers,
  • independent: you can work well in an informal environment, keep an overview and pick up tasks yourself,
  • team-minded: you enjoy working with colleagues and ensuring good handover and coordination,
  • multilingual: you speak excellent English and preferably several foreign languages,
  • stay at home: you do not go on vacation in the months of July and August,
  • bicycle enthusiast: it’s amazing if you like cycling!

Why at MacBike:

  • you work in a dynamic company, with many colleagues, an informal atmosphere, where there is room for your personal input,
  • you will work in a varied and interesting sector (tourism),
  • you have a lot of contact with people,
  • you learn how to carry out simple bicycle repairs if you have not yet mastered them.

Our working method:

  • You get a 0-hour contract,
  • You will work in alternating shifts of 9.5 hours per day, between 9 am and 8 pm,
  • You will sometimes be called up ad hoc, shortly beforehand and can sometimes go home if it is less busy than expected,
  • You can be deployed alternately at one of our four branches in the city centre.