Amsterdam Light Festival

Check out the Amsterdam Light Festival by bike!

MacBike bicycle on the quay in the evening, during Amsterdam Light Festival Bike Tour
Artist impression Amsterdam Light Festival - Spider Bridge, part of the MacBike Cycle Tour
Amsterdam Light Festival artwork 2017 with a MacBike in front

During the Amsterdam Light Festival you can see 20 big light artworks. The artworks are specially made for the 8th edition of the festival. A bike ride along the works of art is a unique experience!

The best view on the artworks is by bike

Make a bike tour on your own: rent a bike at the end of the afternoon and bring it back the next day. We are open daily from 9-18 hours.

The Amsterdam Light Festival takes place from end of November till the end of January. During the December holidays the city is enlighted by this special event.

Amsterdam Light Festival bike tour

You can also make a guided bike tour. If you tell us what day and time you would like to go, we can arrange a guide for you. The guide knows everything about the art works and you will choose the best route to cycle. This option is available for a group of 8 to 12 people.
Send us an e-mail and we will let you know the options:

2019: Eighth edition

This year the festival celebrates edition number eight! Another time artist from all over the world made an artworks specially for this festival. Twenty artworks within the theme DISRUPT will enlight a part of Amsterdam. The festival location will be in and around Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo. All the works are in the open air.

Disrupt: the theme of this edition
Every year the theme of the festival is different. This year the theme is ‘Disrupt’.
Disruption is usually referred to as deregulation. An unwanted change. But deregulation can also be a positive incentive for change. It can lead to the abandonment of fixed assumptions, calls for discussion, and incitement to action. Unknown possibilities become visible.

650 Artists, designers and architects together produced light artworks in the city within the framework of the theme Disrupt!

Artist impression Amsterdam Light Festival - Night Vision, part of the MacBike Cycle Tour
MacBike logo on decorated bike in front of artwork at Amsterdam Light Festival
Artist impression Amsterdam Light Festival - Parabolic Lightcloud, part of the MacBike Cycle Tour